Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Trunks and Roots

Being the tree lover that I am, I even love the big old massive half-dead trees. They have an interest beyond the beauty of a new, perfectly shaped, straight tree with a perfect trunk and no roots in sight.
This week, while driving down the lane that brings you to our cul-de-sac, I decided to take photos of these big tree trunks. If you don't take the time to really look at them, you don't see the interest and the beauty they provide. There must be little creatures that live or visit under these trunks and around the roots ~ squirrels... chipmunks... birds... definitely insects... In the Spring, small green shoots of foliage will appear around these roots.
I think these big tree trunks with their mangled roots are beautiful. I drive past them everytime I leave my house. They are on an embankment all along the lane at the base of the woods, and being at eye-level you can't miss them. To appreciate their beauty, you have to look beyond the brown and grey drabness of their winter coats.
♥ audrey


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I love exposed roots of very old trees. There is soemthing thst is almost magical about how they stay standing and yet here is all this intricate support structure exposed. BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Thoroughly enjoyed the pictures!


Linda in New Mexico said...

Oh Ms. Audrey: your photos today have given me such a wonder filled feeling. Of course there are small creatures that visit these trees, live in the roots and probably.........under the tree as well. I'd be on fae patrol were I you. Looks like a perfect spot for woodland fae or even tree spirits. How perfectly lovely. Linda in New Mexico
vert word (any BTW you are really good at this game) is bante....see too close to a real word for us not to bante about our ideas. Of course it could be a tree bante, or a shreiking bante.

audrey said...

Absolutely, Linda! Firgive me for not mentioning the fairies or the tree spirits. I imagine they might be in hibernation until Spring, but one never knows.
And, see how you are ~ I made it through your entire comment until you mentioned a shrieking bante and then I had to LOL!!!
♥ audrey

Marlene said...

Wonderful photos Audrey. I have a friend in my watercolor class that loves "dead wood" and paints most of her pictures with the theme of tree stumps, forset floors etc. She would love your photos if I have your permission to share them, but she will ask if she can have permission to use one or two as reference photos also, what do you say?

Jan said...

These are great, Audrey. They remind me of old men with their hairy ears and long noses. Thanks for sharing.

Mother's Moon's Message said...

beautiful pictures of old trees... I completely understand where you are coming from.... I have to watch myself or I would have an over abundance of photos of trees....

Amanda said...

i agree with Jan, the trees remind me of old men with whiskers, watching us every day as we drive by ;) so cool!! Trees are so amazing they tell their story by their awesome!!