Thursday, January 7, 2010


Meet John Reburn, a local artist and friend of mine. John is the owner of Roanoke Valley Printworks. His passion is letterpress and he is very good at it. If you love hand-pressed stationery, go to TODAY. John is the featured retailer for the day and the deal is a very, very good one.
You will receive 36 units of hand-pressed monogrammed stationery. Choose a single letter, and Roanoke Valley Printworks will hand-emboss it to 36 note cards and matching envelopes, using the thickest, most elegant ecru paper you've ever seen. The price is outstanding, and can get even lower as the day goes on.
Jasmere seeks out lesser known specialty retailers that deserve national attention. Their team of New York, Los Angeles and Washington, DC based shopaholics personally test every product they feature, using jasmere's negotiating power to offer you an exclusive discount. But don't let the low prices fool you. Every merchant they feature on jasmere meets their highest standards of quality. You may not have heard of these websites, but you can be sure their products and services are the best around. They guarantee it.
You can read more information about jasmere on their site,
At the price these are being offered for TODAY, you can afford to purchase gifts for those special people in your life. Knowing that you had them special made will make them all the more meaningful. I just placed my order. Once you go to the jasmere site, you can sign up to have a daily email sent to you letting you know what the special of the day is.
John does exceptional work ~ I can guarantee that!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

WOW! What lovely work he does....would love to see his whole line.
I am a sucker for good stationary, which never gets USED, just collected and LOVED. (so if someone gets a handwritten note from me on good're special!!!


Jeremy said...

Hi Audrey, Thanks for this wonderful post. We sure enjoyed meeting John, an amazing artisan and now a new friend. We appreciate your spreading the word about jasmere and John's work. I'm about to place another order... you are right, one isn't enough. Jeremy from jasmere.