Thursday, January 28, 2010

2010 Full Moons

I love the moon and I enjoy any information I come upon that pertains to it. I find the moon to be fascinating, hypnotic, magical and romantic. I hope you are enjoying the moon information I have been posting.


January 29th ~ Wolf Moon

February 28th ~ Snow Moon (also Storm and Quickening Moon)

March 29th ~ Worm or Sap Moon

April 28th ~ Pink Moon (also Seed, Sprouting and Wind Moon)

May 27th ~ Flower or Hare Moon

June 26th ~ Strawberry Moon (also Rose or Sun Moon)

July 25th ~ Buck, Mead or Thunder Moon

August 24th ~ Sturgeon or Corn Moon

September 23rd ~ Harvest or Barley Moon

October 22nd ~ Hunter's or Blood Moon (appears red/gold in the autumn sky)

November 21st ~ Beaver Moon

December 21st ~ Cold, Oak or Long Night's Moon

The Full Moon and New Moon phases can affect people in varying degrees - from feeling happy and full of energy to being exhausted, depressed and nervous. Many people sleep quite badly during, or coming up to, either of these Moon phases.

This information and the photo - compliments of the internet.


Marlene said...

I am injoying both the pictures and the facts, thanks Audrey

inojai said...

I remember both my parents' fascination with the moon before they passed away. Each one, separately, would look up at the moon and say something like, "Oh! Look at the moon." Nothing profound but it would be as if they had never seen it!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Lately when the moon has been bright here, it is like having lights on outside. The reflection off the snow has been surprising. I can walk the house without lights on! Of course, I can't sleep well either.....I probably would have made a good werewolf!!! LOL!!!
Thanks for posting these; very interesting! And there is nothing like the moon and stars way out in the country......what all you can see!


Heather said...

all these full moons sound so romantic! A strawberry moon...sounds lovely!

Jan said...

This has been interesting to read your past few entries. I had to double check your names for the full moons because I was remembering them differently. I discovered that Feb. is also known as the Hunger moon for obvious reasons. The Harvest moon is the moon closest to the equinox. 2 of every 3 years, it is in Sept, but at times falls in Oct, as it has this year, 2010. Fascinating facts, thanks for posting these. Your photos are great too.

Rick said...

Audrey-that's about the way it looked last night, over Roanoke.