Friday, August 16, 2019

Mr. Groundhog

I am not feeling too kindly toward Mr. Groundhog right now!  I heard scratching, so I went out to investigate.  He was on top of my morning glories having a buffet!  He scurried down and off behind the hostas.  He has made a mess of what was a pretty morning glory display.  We need to trap him and take him far away on a permanent vacation! 

Kantha Quilt Scraps

WOW!!  I ordered this pack of Kantha Quilt Scraps to use in my mixed media journals and fabric art.  I am enjoying touching these pieces and soaking in all the beautiful colors of this large pile that arrived today.
Thank you, Kelli, for the info on Cindy.  And, thank you, Cindy, for this beautiful package!
These Kantha Quilt Scraps are available at
Kantha quilts are made by Bengali women who layer and stitch reclaimed cotton saris together to give them a new life.
These vintage sari quilts from India are created using multiple pieces of very worn and aged saris that have been mended and patched over many years of use.  The quilts are then pieced together using various scraps of fabrics as batting (sometimes as many as 3-6 layers of scrap filling causing different thicknesses within a quilt).
The quilts are subjected to many years of wear and tear including fading and stains... all adding to their vintage charm.
These scraps are great for applique and embellishment in wearables, accessories, and jewelry, or used in mixed media projects such as collage or journaling.

Thursday, August 15, 2019


The Assumption

Today is the Feast of the ASSUMPTION OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY.  The depth of her joy and her love is beyond our imagination.  She is always there for us to turn to.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Sturgeon Moon

 Our world can't seem to find peace, but our moon remains calm, bright, and beautiful.  The August Full Sturgeon Moon as seen from my yard.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

A Twiggy Visit

 Twiggy came to the back yard this afternoon and had a grass snack.  She is still very thin, but it is always nice to see her.

Summer Savings

 9 Days of Summer Savings
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Vendor Night

 I look forward to my drive home from Vendor Night.  It seems to be the prime evening time when beauty shows up.
To top it off, when I pulled in my driveway, this young buck was right across the street.
 Roanoke River August beauty.
 Roanoke River August beauty.
Young buck wouldn't take his eyes off me.

Monday, August 12, 2019

July-August Art Cards

My Art Cards - "Wonky Circles" - ready to be mailed out for our July-August group theme "Circles".

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Front Flower Bed

The front flower bed is looking much better since I did some weeding.  Still have another section to finish up.  No photos till that happens.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Precious Mail

 Today's mail brought me the sweetest card and note from my sister.  Enclosed were medals that I've displayed on top of the card.  The tiny blue Miraculous Medal is enamel and the perfect size for Jake's collar should he lose the one that is on his collar right now.  I will put them in my container that holds many different religious medals and crucifixes.
Thank you, dear Patty. I've been feeling a bit blue and this cheered me up.

Young Buck

 I peeked out back a while ago and this young buck was right under the window having a snack.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Artist Trading Card

 Received another "Circles" theme Art Card.  This one from Susanne Skene of Vancouver Island, Canada.  I love the card and the sweet little INUKSUK (stone marker) which I have put together.
Thank you, Susanne.  It was fun and I now know what an Inuksuk is.


 Did a little weeding this morning and then watched the bees gather pollen.  Calming and fascinating.

New Art Class

 The package.
 Kelli May-Krentz's newest online class begins on Monday, the 12th ~  Celebrating the Art of Being Alive.  We will be writing our stories and turning them into new ways of seeing and creating art.  I am very excited!
I received my kit of goodies that can be used for the class.  Oh, what goodness and beauty!  As usual, her packaging was artsy and fun and the contents ~ outstanding!!!
Thank you, Kelli!
 She wraps everything with love.
 Some things wrapped with fabric.
 Pieces of her original art.
I will be framing THIS beauty!!


Early in the morning yesterday (1 a.m.), I had Jake outside.  It was beautiful out with some rumbling and quite a bit of lightning.  I managed to capture some of it.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Boating Buddies

Casey with his father-in-law, John Strott, recently enjoying some boating time on the Cooper River.
Photo Credit:  Deborah Strott

High School

And so... my great-nephew Jonathan begins high school today!!  I remember the day he was born... not that long ago.  
Enjoy every minute of the next four important and fun years of your life, Jonathan!  You will learn SO much and you will make lifetime friendships.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Football Player

Samuel is excited!  He is ready for football!

El Paso

SO many prayers for El Paso.
Dear God, how are we going to stop this?
My good friend, Georgina, lives in El Paso.  She has been communicating with me this afternoon.  She is broken-hearted and terrified to leave her home.  She is supposed to go out this evening with her husband to a dinner party.  
I told her to go.  That she needs to live her life in spite of these fears that we all must now live with.  
There has to be some kind of answer.  This cannot continue to be the norm in our country.  Not only are the victims' families going to suffer, but if it continues, the economy is going to suffer because people are going to fear leaving their homes.
We need to pray for help, we need to pray for an answer, and pray for the sick individuals who plan these horrible attacks.
God, please help us find a way.

Teapot Birdhouse

Isn't this wonderful?  I love it.  My friend, Charity, sent this photo to me on Facebook today.  An old chipped teapot saved from the landfill, perfect for a bird, and even has its own drainage system.  I have to do this.


Today is our 23rd Anniversary.  Where did all the years go?