Sunday, April 21, 2019

Easter Sunday

 A very nice Easter service this morning at the beautiful St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Church in Wooster, Ohio.
My sister had a brick installed in the memory garden in memory of our dear brother, Patrick.

A Fun Saturday in Ohio

 These scenes were somewhere between Canton and Wooster, Ohio.  We had a fun day and did a bit of traveling on Saturday ~ estate sales, lunch, and antique shops!

Traveling to Ohio for Easter

I convinced Mr. Magic to go to Ohio for Easter to be with family.  We left Virginia on Good Friday in the rain and it rained all the way to Wooster.  Jake was very excited about the trip.  The 3rd photo shows where he spent most of his time ~ on the car console between us, relaxing and enjoying the ride.  He didn't mind the rain one bit.

Easter Sunday

Alleluia!  Alleluia!!
Wishing my family and friends a Happy and Blessed Easter!

Friday, April 19, 2019

My sweet South Carolina Gypsy Friend, I wish you love, blue skies, joy, good health, and magic today and every day throughout the next year.
I'll be down there over Mother's Day and Casey is planning to fly me to Walterboro to spend the day with you.  Cannot wait!
Celebrate and enjoy YOUR day!!

Giveaway Win

One more package to share!  Our Art Card Group had a 4th Anniversary celebration drawing this month.  I was the lucky winner of Carol Weiler's giveaway for the event: Two of the sweetest little mixed media journals that she mailed along with other "goodies from her stash".
Carol, these journals are SO wonderful.  I love the size and all the art you've added to them.  I am thrilled.  Thank you.

Difficult, But True

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Artist Trading Cards

Looking through my photos, I realized I didn't post the last two Art Cards that I received for our "Land Sleeping*Hibernation*Rejuvenation" theme.
Thank you, Patricia Kaegi Weiss and Cynde Tagg for your lovely ATC interpretations.  Cynde, the paper owl is SO fun!
Now, off to complete our latest theme, "Playing with the Tarot".


Thank you, Carrie!!  I love Jade and will do my best to keep it growing.  It is always fun to see you.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Easter Surprise

Bless my sister's heart!  She knew I was feeling bad that I couldn't talk Mr. Magic into going to Ohio for Easter.  This wonderful package arrived on our doorstep this afternoon!  Raisin Filled and Sugar Cookies from Ferraro's, jelly beans, and the sweetest little Easter ornaments.  She wanted Easter to be special for us!
Thank you, Patty!  Love you.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Notre Dame Cathedral ~ My Thoughts

Notre Dame (Our Lady) Cathedral.  A Medieval Catholic Cathedral in Paris

Just looking at the exterior of this massive house of worship is enough to cause awe.  But being inside and seeing the glorious beauty that thousands of hands created in honor of Our Lady, and the relics that are housed there, has to cause a person's heart to skip beats.
I've not had the honor of stepping inside, but just knowing of its existence, the photographs, the stories, the meaning, is enough to make me feel love for Notre Dame Cathedral.
The devastating fire yesterday has brought sorrow to the world.  It has made mankind pause and realize the importance of this magnificent structure.  Places like this Cathedral help us keep our faith strong.
I thank God that it was not totally destroyed, that there is hope to rebuild, that many wonderful people are pledging large sums of money toward the rebuilding.
There will still be tears.  Seeing the damage and knowing how close we came to losing it will being tears.  Those who have entered its doors, will cry as they remember.  Those who had planned to visit, will cry knowing it will never be the same.  But, she still stands!!  And that alone brings tears to my eyes.

My Easter Miracle

 Last week, I spotted a white deer in the woods near us.  She was too far in for me to get a good photo.  I was excited and hoped to see her again.  I watched for her in the same area every day and yesterday I got lucky.  There she was with a couple of other deer.  They were still pretty deep in the woods and with all the new growth on the bushes and trees, I couldn't get a good clear photo.  She looks like a ghost.  I will keep watching for her and hopefully get a good shot someday.

Severe Weather

 Because of the heavy wind and rain, the beautiful blooms on the Crabapple trees and some of the Redbuds are now only petals on the ground. 
 All is well here. Sunday was a day of severe weather threats. We had tornado watches and warnings off and on all day and into the night. We had strong winds and heavy rain, but thankfully avoided anything worse. I send prayers to those across the country who experienced loss of their homes and death.

The sky on Sunday evening before the wind and rain started again.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Saturday, April 13, 2019


My WISTERIA burst into full bloom this morning.  It smells heavenly!

Vinca Vine

Oh How I Love Bleeding Hearts!

Sending lots of love and birthday hugs to you today!
I have gifts for you. (They will get there someday). 
Make this YOUR weekend and CELEBRATE!!!


Friday, April 12, 2019

Loch Haven Lake

 We were in the Loch Haven area today and I convinced Mr. Magic to drive up to the Loch Haven Lake.  I haven't been there since I used to take my mom there when I would take her for car rides.
It was a cloudy day with light rain, but it made the area even more interesting.  Lots of ferns, lichen, redbuds, streams, rocks, trees, and the lake.  And not a soul to be seen.  I enjoyed it immensely!!
 Entrance to Loch Haven Lake
 Loch Haven Lake