Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dedication to Kindness

This morning, I read an article in a magazine about A MAN, A DOG AND HIS MESSAGE OF KINDNESS. It caught my eye because he is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, which is very close to the city I lived in when in Ohio. I thought it was worth posting because there are simple things we all can do in the name of kindness.
Bob Votruba, 54, is crossing the country in a bus with his dog, Bogart. Last August, he began a 10-year mission to encourage and remind peoople to be kind every day, performing simple acts from smiling to picking up trash. He started visiting college campuses to reach students, who he says are the most receptive to his ideas.
Bob didn't go to college ~ now he is going to ALL of them. He plans to visit about 100 campuses each year. Bob was inspired by the September 11 attacks and the Virginia Tech shootings. He sold his home, handed off a custom cabinetry business, bought a bus, and started to distribute stickers that read "One Million Acts of Kindness" to students and others. Bob hopes to inspire older Americans, too, believing they can be role models in embracing community service.
This is real dedication. Obviously, we can't all take this approach. I imagine he will meet a lot of interesting people on his journey and it's a good way to see the country. I wish him well.
I found the article to be a nice reminder ~ I think I will join Bob on his quest without actually getting on the bus!!
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I have rewritten parts of the article, adding some of my own thoughts. The original article, however, was written by: Vickie Elmer

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

This is so cool---people need to remember that the one smile, one acknowledgement, one uplifting word---the little things like holding a door for someoen, picking something up in a store and putting it away;
these all lead to a better world.
Mother Teresa said it is doing small things with great love.