Sunday, January 17, 2010


the world of blogging has many sides
knowledge is gained
humor brings a smile to the face
pain is eased with words in comments
freedom to post anything we choose to share

there is a down side
friends disappear
leaving a black hole
an empty space
and sadness

there on a blog
his name above a comment

the friend is back
there is no question ~ the words are his

no matter
only joy at his return


Heather said...

very thought provoking! And lovely~

Rick said...

Audrey!!!! I love you I love you I love you!! I'm so sorry. Dang, everyone's beating me up these days. I'd explain but half way through you'd be running away wildly with your hands in air. I'm in the midst of mental and emotional crisis. I'm trying to come out of it and you're not the last one who's gonna blast me, but I really was gonna come around. Thank you for hunting me up and setting me straight. I can't comment on your poem cuz I'm kinda biased. Your friend and follower, Rick

Marlene said...

Very deep and emotional post.