Friday, February 27, 2009

Spring Is In The Air

Wow! What a glorious day we had here in Charleston! Talk about Spring Fever! It was 75*+, sunny skies, birds singing (many, many birds), children out playing, alligators out sunning, and you could just feel Spring in the air. I love Spring ~ a new beginning! I noticed that my vinca vine on the front porch is going to bloom. I was happy it survived the winter. How exciting! I had plants all over the porch and the steps last summer. Once we get back to Roanoke, I will get all my pots out and start my porch plantings.
I've posted a picture of the little bud that is getting ready to open and pictures of some of my flowers from last summer and fall - hopefully, they will inspire you to think Spring and flowers! It's coming!!!
Those two gators live in the pond around the corner from us. They have been out sunning every day this week. Sometimes there is an egret or a heron standing right next to them and I wonder if they ever become lunch for the gators. Maybe gators don't eat birds ~ I guess I should do some research.

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