Friday, February 6, 2009

Collage Unleashed Book

Hello friends.
I am just returning home from my Friday night trip to Barnes & Noble. I look forward to this little trip every Friday night after my husband and I go out to dinner. I am addicted to that place and I should stop going because I have SO many art books already and I can't go in there without buying another one. Each week another selection of wonderful art books seem to appear just for my personal pleasure. The temptation consumes me. Tonight's purchase - Collage Unleashed * Paint bind Stitch Play by traci bautista. I couldn't resist. It sounds fun! "Dripping paint, washes of color, layers of fabric, transparencies and more come together in collage as you've never experienced before." Now, how could I not buy it? I am itching to dive in and soak up all the information in the book.
Sorry I haven't posted since Monday. I truly don't know where the past four days went ~ it was Monday and now it will soon be Saturday. OMG, it will soon be March and then it will soon be Spring. YAY - Spring!! The birds will sing and the flowers will bloom and the world will be a happy place. ???? Now in the REAL world, the birds will sing and the flowers will bloom, but the world.......well, I won't go there!
With that said, I am going to brew a cup of tea, snuggle up in the bed with my new book and read till the eyes can't stay open.
Any other B & N addicts out there??


Misty's Creations said...

I understand, my daughter is a Borders, Barns and Noble addict. She be happy to take a sleeping bag and an ice chest and just camp! I must cofess I too love the books and the wonderful felling I get there!

suziart said...

Oh my Gawd, I do the same thing and got THAT book too!! Great creative minds think alike! I like to go there when I may be feeling like my blue period is coming on...and I always leave there full of energy and stuff!

pinkglitterfae said...

You can never have too many books I say.... We don't have B & N here, but we have a chain called Chapters. Same idea, lots of books, and a Starbucks right inside. You can drop me off there for hours and I won't be bored. I have this book too :-D
Oh, and I love my art and craft magazines too, it just never ends :-)