Monday, February 2, 2009


My sweet Mother, Susan, is 92 today!!! I am taking her to The Olive Garden for lunch ~ she loves their Chicken Parmesan. Dealing with spinal stenosis, she has good days and bad days and thankfully, she is feeling real good today! She is a dear, dear, woman who gave me all the love she possibly could throughout my life..... she now lives with my husband and I. If you are fortunate enough to have your mother still living, cherish your time with her. I have been told that once you lose your mother, it leaves a hole in your heart that you physically feel. I am thankful to be taking her to lunch today!!!
Some things she loves: God * her children * violets * poppies * the color lilac * cameos * anything Victorian * poetry * books * flower gardens * butterflies * the warmth of the sun * days when she feels good * going for rides * Virginia * old postcards * angels
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!!!! I love you.

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Raven said...

Happy Birthday to your's so nice to hear that you and she had a lovely day together!