Monday, February 2, 2009


Do it, try it, feel it. Stop going through life as if it's some kind of virtual reality, and start living! Let an earthworm crawl up your arm. Sit with a dying person no matter how scared you are. Jump in the mud if you've always been clean; retreat in silence if you've always been boisterous. Eat Indonesian food. Camp. Take off your shoes and walk in a fountain. Lie down, belly to belly, on a moist patch of earth. Start singing when no one else is. Dance before anyone else does. Travel alone. Live together. Turn off that TV now! Work on a farm, hold a baby chick. Go into that cafe you'd never imagine going in. Smile at the woman next to you in line, and mean it. Experience a full-spectrum life and chalk it all up to experience.
~from Words of Wisdom for Women by Rachel Snyder

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Thanks so much for posting this excerpt from my book, "Words of Wisdom for Women." When you take a break from all your wonderful creating (smile), you might want to visit my blog, Be Whole Now. It's filled with lots of my own words, plus art,music and videos from other inspiring, uplifting folks. Good luck with your projects and with your blog!