Friday, February 13, 2009


Good day, my friends.
I just wanted to post a message to let you know I am out of town and will be updating my Blog late Sunday or early Monday. It always saddens me to go to someone's Blog and find nothing posted for a long period of time ~ and here I am guilty of just that. Life does get in the way of Blogging sometimes, doesn't it?
I am in Virginia painting walls in preparation for our move back here into our dream home. Once back in SC, I will be heavy into packing as much as I can in order to get this move underway. I am SO excited to move back. More on this another time. Just know that my art and my Blogging is suffering because there is so much to get done for the move.
Please don't give up on me. In time, I will be posting many pictures of the beauty of Virginia, and my thoughts on the same. The Fall season is outstanding here ~ I almost can't wait. But, Spring too, brings much beauty to the Roanoke Valley!! I will definitely share that beauty with you.
Back to the wall painting..........
Have a joyful day!!!!

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