Friday, December 18, 2009

Update on Patrick
He did not have open heart surgery today as we originally thought he was going to. The surgeon that he wants was not available until Monday or Tuesday. So, he is in the hospital with monitors on, waiting. It is going to be a long weekend and a tense beginning to the week.
Thank you, everyone, so much for the prayers and concern. After many tears and a very upsetting day, I have put this outcome in God's hands. I believe He will help Patrick through this.
My son and his fiance are coming on Monday from South Carolina to have our early Christmas celebration. Patrick's surgery will be heavy on my mind, but I will be happy to be with my son and Amanda again.
♥ audrey


Anonymous said...

Although there is no good time for a family member to have a health crisis but during the Holidays it just makes it all that much harder. We are all praying for his recovery & your families strength!!

Cris Melo, of said...

Oh, I didn't know you were going through this. I'm sorry! It has to be frightening, but I hope you will find the strength you need, and that everything is turning out alright.