Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day After

Today is the day when throngs of people are out and about looking for those post-Christmas deals. After all the preparations and running that went into getting ready for Christmas, the last thing I want to do is fight the traffic and the crowds. I know there are sales and deals to be had, but no thanks. I prefer to stay inside today, enjoying the warmth and quiet. Today, I have no plans, no place I have to be, nothing I have to do. The rain that lasted most of Christmas Day and washed away the top several inches of snow from our big storm last weekend, has stopped, but there is still a layer of snow on the ground. It looks to be very calm out there, but I know there is a definite chill in the air.
Patrick was finally moved out of ICU and into a regular room late yesterday. I am looking forward to talking with him today. He has been in a lot of pain, but he is doing well and is on the road to recovery. I am trying very hard not to call him as I want him to call when he is feeling well enough to talk. I am so eager to hear his voice.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Day. There was a lot of talk of peace and love this season. My hope is that we will hold those thoughts in our hearts and truly love one another in all the ways that really matter. I hope we will be kind to everyone we know and meet in the New Year. I hope we spend more time bringing happiness to others. And, I hope that we will keep Jesus in our hearts each and every day.
Christmas Day has passed, but we can try to keep the feeling of Christmas in our hearts all year!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Glad to hear Patrick is out of ICU---that has to be a tough proceedure.
I'm with you; even if I could go out I wouldn't. I like the calm and quiet and I have plenty here. I don't need the never ending sales......
Hot tea and knitting, a cozy quilt, that's all I need!
take care; glad most of your ssnow is gone but I finally got a little so I'm delighted!


yoborobo said...

Hi Audrey! I am so glad Patrick is out of the ICU. I am sending you my prayers for his speedy recovery. I'm with you about the sales - I am staying put and puttering on craft projects. My kind of day all around. :) xox Pam

Rikkij said...

Audrey-so glad to hear about Patrick. Thanks for the warm thoughts. ~rick

Marlene said...

I am so happy to hear Patrick is doing well. Like you I stay in the day after Christmas as well, I am not into large crowds and traffic.
Your sentiments and wishes for the New Year are lovely and I too hope people will keep the Christmas spirit all year.