Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Christmas From The Past

Our Family Tree ~ 1961
This picture brings back happy memories from my childhood.
The nativity on the right was something we looked forward to having next to the tree every Christmas. Mom still has it and we put it up next to her tree every year.
There is nothing quite like a real Christmas tree. We bought a Scotch Pine Tree every year ~ it was hard to decorate those long needles, but it sure looked pretty and smelled like Christmas!


Marilyn said...

Wonderful Christmas Memories.... As you can see on my blog side-bar... My favorite year memory is 1957.
Lovely post....
Happy Holidays!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh that is so pretty! I will miss not having my nativity out this year, but there was too much to dig through to get it out and put it back.
I will just come look at your pic instead!


Marlene said...

Beautiful tree and fun memories. The tree that I remember the most for the tree itself was the year my mom decided an aluminum tree with a color wheel would be the best, it was pretty to watch the colors change but it was just not christmas. From that time on I missed laying under the real tree and watching the bubble rise in the bubble lights.

Amanda said...

Bubble lights!!! i love them, mom had few when i was growing up. I guess "certain" people thought it was a hazard...such a shame..