Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dickens of a Christmas

Every year, the first 3 Friday nights in December are reserved for DICKENS OF A CHRISTMAS in downtown Roanoke. It is SO much fun and really puts you in the Christmas mood.
Tonight was the first Friday for Dickens of a Christmas - the hubs and I went and we had great fun. The main streets surrounding the City Market are all closed and filled with people all through the evening. The downtown stores stay open late for this so you can do some Christmas shopping. There was a Live Nativity Scene, Carriage Rides, Strolling St. Nicholas, Street Actors, A Magician, Carolers, Kettlekorn, Fudge, Hot Chocolate, Craft Vendors, Christmas Greenery and Wreathes, Coffee, Baked Goods, and More. We walked around for a while, then had dinner at Alejandro's Mexican Grill. Yum. We then had to have kettlekorn and hot chocolate. I did very little shopping ~ there were too many things to enjoy.
I have a sneaky feeling we'll be going back next Friday......


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Sounds like an absolutely lovely time!!! Wish there was something like that here; a little well planned event that really got people out to enjoy the night and give a mental relax for a bit!
Loved the creche pic---it must have been big!


Marlene said...

Oh what fun that sounds like. Your town appears to be the type of town that I would like to live in.

audrey said...

Yes, the creche was LARGE, Anne, as well as the bible pages. I believe it is set up on the long bed of a truck ~ and the animals are so sweet.


Marlene, Roanoke is a great place. We have SO many little galleries in the downtown area and they are welcoming and down to earth - you can actually afford to buy something. Several of them are artist-owned and run cooperative exhibits. There is always something happening in the art world here in Roanoke. There are opportunities for me to show my art. (If I could just get enough made!)

Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts by LindaOma said...

What a lovely pictorial this morning. Must have been wonderful. Mr. Kettlecorn??!! Oh my. You are such a lucky lady. The last time I had Kettle corn was in Dallas when I was attending SMU. OH the crunch, the sweetness, the stickiness.
Thanks for the blast from the past. Linda

Flor Larios Art said...

Beautiful! I love nativities scenes!