Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sunset on Fire

Wow! I love this photo. I took it two weeks ago. I was sitting at my desk in my studio early evening and happened to look up and out one of the little windows that are close to the ceiling. The photo shows you what I saw. I grabbed my camera which is ALWAYS next to me and snapped a couple pictures right through the window. The sky was on fire with oranges, pinks and yellows. I must say that since I have been living in the Charleston, SC, area, I have been seeing the most beautiful skies. I have yet to get down to the beach in the early morning or to snap pictures of a sunset at the beach. I must do that before I leave the area. Enjoy!


Thelma-Art said...

Totally beautiful. The sunset is stunning.
I love your art is so bright.

Anonymous said...

A stunning photo. Really makes you think.