Saturday, January 24, 2009


When your cup is half empty, fill it. Fill your life with the things that fill your heart. Fill jars full of pennies or buttons or colored water or hard candy. Fill your home with plants and music and orbs that make dancing rainbows and good friends and good food. In the fall, fill a wooden bowl with acorns, with pinecones. Fill your favorite teacup with your favorite jasmine blend. Fill a box with things you don't need, label it free, and set it out by the side of the road or leave it at a church or shelter. When a room is filled with tension, fill it with the warmth of your smile. Fill your arms full of puppies or kittens or babies or dolls or stuffed toys or sheets and towels fresh from the dryer. Turn off the electronic gadgets and fill your time with real conversations with honest-to-goodness people. Fill up the car with gas, thinking about driving less. When you fill up your grocery cart, think about giving more.
~from Words of Wisdom for Women by Rachel Snyder

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Misty's Creations said...

Love your fish fellow and I loved "Fill" very nice thoughts to start my morning with! Thank you,