Sunday, August 10, 2014

Update on Jake and I

I am overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and concern I have received from everyone, including facebook friends and blog friends.  Thank you so very much.  My cast is now off from the surgery and I can manipulate much better having my one hand free.  It still lacks full strength, but that will come and the stitches come out on Wednesday.  Hopefully, by then the wrapping will be off the other hand.  Wounds look good - no sign of infection.  I will be fine.  
Jake will be in his crate for months.  He is needing a lot of care right now.  I can only pray that he will heal completely and be back to the happy little guy he was before this.
Terry and I have devoted all our time this weekend to caring for Jake and we will continue to do whatever is needed to get him through this.  What a gift God gave us when he sent Jake our way.  He could not be loved any more than he is.


Rhonda said...

It's so good to see his little sweet face! Time will heal his wounds and especially with your love.

Linda H said...

So very sorry to read of your mishap. Sure hope you and Jake both recover quickly and are up and at 'em again soon.