Thursday, August 21, 2014

Throwback Thursday

July, 1951 ~ Enjoying an ice cream cone with Patrick on that good old back porch.  It was small, but we sure put it to good use.  We also had a wonderful front porch on this little bungalow.  Spent a lot of time out there, as well.  Back then, all the houses had big front porches and in the evening everyone sat out on them.  Neighboring was a big part of our life growing up.  I believe my love of porches came from my childhood.  Notice I have no shoes on again.  To this day, I prefer not having shoes on.  
Wishing I could be enjoying a cone with Patrick right now.


Jan said...

Wonderful nostalgic shot! I'm a barefooter too, as was my Mom. You have some great photos, so evocative of those long gone days. What will current kids photos show them when they are in their 60's? Pictures of them using their phones?

Anonymous said...

So dear! It brought a smile and a little heartbreak at the same time. Your sister