Friday, August 15, 2014

Sweet Jake's Recovery Time

 "All I get to do is rest, rest, and more rest!"
 Checking out the neighborhood
 "We have to go back inside ALREADY?"
 Daddy's Tender Loving Hands
"But WHY do I have to stay in this contraption?"
Jake is recovering.  He is able to walk a little when we take him outside to do his business, but his back legs are a little off kilter and shaky.  He has been SO good about staying in the crate when we can't be right with him.  He is not going to be happy about being kept inactive once his fractures start to heal real well.  Vet said 2-3 months!  We will be nutcases. He has some intestinal woes we are dealing with.  We hope to get that back to normal quickly.  Jake says "thank you" for the well wishes and prayers. 


Rhonda said...

I'm always so happy to see this little fella. He is adorable.
Happy he is doing so well.

Linda H said...

So glad to hear you're coming along Jake!! Be patient and be a good boy and you'll be feeling better real soon! :)

Jan said...

Glad he is recovering and I hope you are too. The time will drag by but you will be so happy to have him well again it will be worth your persistence.