Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I've long wanted to have a studio somewhere other than in my home.  I have found that creating at home has way too many distractions and it takes me a long time to finish a project.  Having a studio alongside other artists has many benefits - comradery, support, inspiration - to name a few.  I'm thinking I might be more apt to make some "messy" art if my studio was elsewhere.  
I toured the Art Studios at 202 Market Gallery yesterday with my sweet friend, Tricia.  We were both SO excited, met some lovely friendly artists, and discussed the pros of renting a studio there. One nice benefit is that our art would be hung in the Gallery and on the walls outside our studio.  202 Market also participates in Roanoke's Art By Night, which draws a nice crowd.  There are only a few studios empty and decisions need to be made. Tricia jumped on one that she loved, and I found one that suited me.  There are many things I have to take into consideration and I am having a difficult time deciding.  I will take some time to hash this over and I hope to make the right decision.
Even if I don't rent a studio, I will visit 202 Market Gallery often.  It has been one of my favorite places to go for many years.  Over the years, I have dreamed of having a studio there.  Opportunity is knocking on my door!


Jan said...

Go for it! What is the minimum time you have to lease the space for? I'll bet it would help you to focus. Can you bring Jake there? Hope you can do it, if it is what you really want.

Amanda said...

you can do it Audrey!!xoxo

DLPBR said...

I wish I could afford a studio there...I say if you can swing the money go for it. You deserve it and I know you will love it. I love all the people already there. Let us know!