Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Jake's Special Vet

We just returned home and put Jake back in the crate.  I think it did him some good to get out for a bit.  I was very happy to see his weight back up to his normal 6 pounds.  He was getting quite thin after the accident, but he is eating on a normal schedule now and has put the weight back on.  After examining him, Dr. Mitchell says Jake is doing real well.  She did, however, stress how important it is that we keep him in the crate and keep his activity at a very low level for a good while yet.  One jump and he could do a lot of damage to his healing fractures. He will be spending the day at the Vet's in a couple of weeks - they will be sedating him to take X-rays, cut his nails, and clean his teeth.  I hope those X-rays show a big improvement in his pelvic fractures.
Dr. Mitchell has been wonderful in her care of Jake for the last three years.  Unfortunately, this was our last visit with her as she is leaving the Pet Hospital that we go to.  Just married last Saturday, going on her honeymoon, and then starting a new job ~ She has much to look forward to and I wish her a lifetime of happiness.
Jake says "thank you" Dr. Mitchell!!  You will be missed. 

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Linda H said...

Yay Jake! So glad to see you are doing well!!