Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Hope Flag Project

The Hope Flag Project is a page on Facebook that is being hosted by Leighanna Light.  Leighanna wanted to do something to let the people of Newtown, CT, know that we care, so she launched the prayer flag idea just a little over a week ago.  The flags are all 5" x 8" in size.  Once Leighanna receives all of the flags made by participants, she will string them together and mail them to Newtown.  She wants them to arrive there by the time the children return to school.  It is just a small way to let the people of Newtown know that we care and that we will never forget.
I just learned of this during Christmas, so my daughter-in-law Amanda, and I, spent a little time on Christmas Day evening each making a prayer flag that I must mail out tomorrow so they will arrive at Leighanna's on time. 
I was happy to be a small part of this project.  My prayer flag is simple but the sentiment of love for the Newtown community is big and real.

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vicki said...

Hi Audrey --
I just loaded your blog into the draft post for my Grow Your blog party -- so you are all set! Dont forget the party on January 19th!