Monday, December 10, 2012

Oh, Fuzzy One, how wonderful it is to be wishing you a Happy Birthday.  You have been through the year from hell with many sick days and feeling as low as possible.  But... God is SO good and he listened to all of our prayers and pleas to help you fight this battle.  You've been so very strong and positive through it all and you've come out a winner and just as beautiful as ever.
I look forward to another year of your John Deere escapades, scythe wielding, words of wisdom, photos extraordinaire, stunning art, fun knitting, stole making, and humor that can't be beat.
It is a blessing to know you.
Happy Day, my friend.


Corrine at said...

Happy Birthday Anne, every word Audrey said and more. Your escapades bring cheer and laughs to us always. So glad you are doing so well, but your spunkalicious spirit keeps your light shining always. xox

Jan said...

We are all better off for having our friend Anne beating off her health issues and sticking around with us a little longer. Happy Birthday Anne! And many many more.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks so much for the lovely post Audrey!
I got swamped yesterday, and am catching up with greetings this morning. (had some business calls and e-mails to do, which took longer than I thought...) Mea Culpa....
And yes, there will no doubt be LOTS of J.D. escapades...I seem to not be able to avoid those! LOL!!!

Anne a.k.a. Scythe Woman