Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Night Blooming Cereus

My sweet friend, Linda Oma, of Old Baggs N Stuffed Shirts, recently sent me some cuttings from her Night Blooming Cereus cactus plant.  The above photo shows the cuttings after I planted them.  I was so happy to see such healthy large cuttings when they arrived all the way from New Mexico and I hope I can do some magic and make them grow big, strong, and beautiful. 

I've placed the cuttings in the kitchen with my other cacti and succulents.  My plants seem to do well here where they get a lot of good light.

These cacti that are hanging from the top of the kitchen cupboards just keep growing longer and longer.  Not sure what to expect from them.  They've been up there for several years ~ no surprises yet.

This is Linda's bloom on her Cereus plant.  Gorgeous!!!  I think it is going to be a LONG time before I see one of these.  Thank you, Linda, for sending the cuttings.  I'll keep you posted on progress.  


Linda Wildenstein said...

The one cutting in the middle of your pot is the night bloomer. The other two are called devil's backbone or zigzag plant. The cereus will grow faster than you think The one that bloomed this last year is a 3 year cutting. The zigzag gets stickers so beware...it also blooms little cream colored brackets...funny plant. I'm glad they got there sans freezing. xoxo Oma Linda

audrey said...

Thanks for all the info, Linda. I thought you sent more than one kind of cutting, but wasn't positive. I'll be sure to watch for those jaggers. They are nasty.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Can't wait to see the plants Audrey!
And you do indeed have the perfect lighting for plants. The amazing blossom will be worth the wait!
Loved your african violet; Dad used to cross the plants and breed new colors from seed, just for the FUN of it. ((O_○))


Jan said...

Cool plants, zig zag plant is aptly named. I love succulents too.

Kathryn said...

Beautiful . . . I don't do well with plants. I even manage to kill cactus!