Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Year Resolutions

My New Year Resolution:
Rosato ~ Everyday !!
Not really.  Although, I developed quite a liking to this particular wine over the Holidays.  I've never been much of a wine drinker ~ just once in a blue moon.  Maybe I could have a glass of this stuff every other day!!
I don't think I'm going to make any solid New Year Resolutions.  They always end up along the roadside ~ great ideas that last for a short while and then I'm back to old habits.  
I simply want the New Year to be a better one in every way possible ~ not only on a personal level ~ I would like the New Year to be kinder to each of my family members and each of my friends.  I would like our country to at least TRY to get back on track.  I would love all the anger and hatred out there worldwide to 
dissipate.  I know that's not possible, but a girl can dream.  I would like to stop hearing news about little children being taken, school shootings, children killing parents, disasters that take thousands of lives and leave so many homeless, nuclear war, and the long list that goes on and on.  
I would love to see more stories this New Year about people helping people.  I would like to see the media cover some "good and happy" news.  We could all use some positive news every day.  It lifts us up and makes us want to do good on our own.  It would make me happy to see every person out there do just one simple little deed every day that would help another human being. It would be easy ~ a smile, pick up something someone drops, open a door, say "thank you" or "I'm sorry", give up your seat for someone who looks like they really could use it, pick up a piece of trash laying on the street when you're taking your walk, shovel a little snow off the neighbor's sidewalk when you're out doing yours, tell a stranger to have a "great day".  Simple kindness does make a difference.
I know that most of you out there agree and probably already do these things.  Maybe we could just say a little prayer every day that the selfish and greedy might "see the light" and change their ways.
If you do make New Year resolutions, I truly wish the best for you and hope you can stick with them.  No matter what, I hope God smiles down on us and blesses us with good health and helps us with the things we can't control.
Happy New Year!


Gail H. Ragsdale said...

very lovely and well said Audrey!

A very happy new year to you and yours!

Love your cover photo!


Deborah said...


Silke said...

Yes!! I am with you all the way, Audrey! I plan to spread joy and kindness wherever I go. It's so important that we do! Happy 2013!! Love, Silke

DLPBR said...

Wishing you the best in life for 2013 and forever. Love that little "Jake" and when I see you at the workshop tell me who LuLu is !
See ya soon.

Jan said...

These are good thoughts and wishes, Audrey. I will do my best to spread kindness and fairness through my own acts. If everyone did this, the world would be a better place.
Happy New Year to you and yours, my friend.