Sunday, December 2, 2012


And so she is here ~ December ~ with the anticipation of much to come ....... snow, ice, cold, heavy coats, gloves, boots, shopping, visitors, surprises, cooking, baking, wrapping, parties, Christmas music, Christmas services, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and hopes for a New Year that will be better than the last.  Thinking about these things used to fill me with excitement ~ this year it just makes me tired.

Maybe this cold I've been fighting for a week is making me feel this way.  I can't seem to shake it and I have little motivation to do much of anything other than the necessities.  Hopefully, once I am feeling better, I will get myself in gear and get back to enjoying the Christmas Season and all that comes with it.

I hope everyone out there is enjoying this special time of year and having fun with their Christmas preparations.  One thing I do love is seeing the lights at night.  We are having some decent temps right now, so we should think about putting some decorations out. One never knows ~ snow could fly at any time.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

There is a lot of RSV going around up here; watch the couch if you have one.
I think some of the holiday fatigue issue is everything was started SO EARLY.....we never had time to enjoy Halloween before Christmas was everywhere!
So here's to staying in, small decs, and enjoying the moment.
And the best present?


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Not COUCH---COUGH!!! (oy!)

Corrine at said...

Feel better, it's just no fun being sick this time of year. Enjoy the lights....xox