Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Visit from the Bad Bugs

Hi Friends.

Sorry you aren't hearing much from me. Whatever bug is roaming the streets decided to stop at my house and invade my body. I've made it through the chills and pains in the head, but I'm coughing, I can't breath and my throat feels like it's on fire ~ I can hardly utter a sentence and when it does come out, it's not MY voice.

I hope this passes quickly. I am not happy that my brother is here all the way from Texas and I am feeling like a total slug that someone stepped on. Grrrr. I just wanted to let you know I'll be back as soon as I'm feeling better.

♥ audrey


Linda in New Mexico said...

Poor you. I hate it when I'm sick, I hate it when anyone is sicky. Take care of you and get better. (((hugs))) until next time

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh I do feel for you. That sounds like what my cousin had (the O.R.Nurse that NEVER gets sick, she's in VA. too) and she was out for a solid week.
Just rest as much as possible and hopefully the bug will get bored and LEAVE.
Hugs....from a safe distance!


lakhsmita indira said...

hello Audrey, i'll mix up a special potion ok!

you just wait here, take a rest, i'll be back later with the potion.


Anonymous said...

Hugs (( at a distance of course)) for you!! Hope you get back to feeling better soon!!

Diva Kreszl said...

oh you poor thing you, I do hope you recover quickly!

Marlene said...

Audrey, I hope you are feeling better soon. Make sure someone feeds you lots of chicken soup, served with love of course.

Rick said...

sorry to hear of your malady. Lotsa rest to you

lakhsmita indira said...

Audrey, i guess i ran out of blood, gall of bull, and some fat of night birds :((
im sorry i cant make any potions, but i drew a "Fish" yesterday, as you can see it on my blog, because i know you are a "Fish" ;)))

get well soon!!!!


audrey said...

Thank you so much for your well wishes. I am seeing the Dr. today. I seldom get sick but this really has a good hold on me. I need some strong meds.
♥ audrey