Friday, April 2, 2010


I wish each of you
and the feeling of RENEWAL that comes with SPRING!


Linda in New Mexico said...

Happy Easter, what gorgeous flowers. Are they all in your yard? Fantastic. GK really loved the pix of the bleeding hearts.
the vert word: colli....if ya needs me colli me.
Happy Bunny tails.....(((hugs))) until next time

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Pics....I just checked & my Bleeding Hearts are just poking their heads through the earth!!
Easter Hugs....

Jan said...

These are such gorgeous pix, Audrey! I am very taken with that white tree, looks like a fantasy tree! The wild bleeding hearts in the woods are blooming here! I can hardly believe it but we have snow this morning!!

Marlene said...

Gorgeous flowers Audrey. I love the bleeding heart, my pink one didn't make it but my white one is blooming. Jan we are in the middle of a hail storm here, it is hailing so hard you can't see through it. Had snow yesterday. Crazy Weather.

audrey said...

Ouch! Snow and Hail!! This is not good for Easter. Perhaps it was just a sign of Good Friday. Tomorrow, the skies may clear and bring you both a pleasant Easter Day on Sunday.
♥ audrey

Ces said...

Ooooh! kaphooey! Poor you! You have to eat all the Peeps by yourself. Boo Hoo indeed. What are these flowers? You know, That is one filed I don't have much knowledge, the different names of these flowers.

Ces said...

What? Snow and Hail? Oh uh! Where's Al Gore?

lakhsmita indira said...

hi audrey, it's me your new witch friend, remember? :))
dont' worry, i wont curse you, real witch wont curse anyone :D

thank you, you are so sweet to me, im just a spammer in Ces's blog :D

did you know that "Audrey" is the most beautiful name in the universe?

~little witch

lakhsmita indira said...

oh, i love plants too especially in my secret garden.
do you have one?

Emelie said...

Wishing you Easter blessings, and I certainly see them in the photos, so many blooming things just beautiful with color and freshness. Enjoy the photos so much.

Thinking of you as you grieve your friend and celebrate also the newness in life.

lakhsmita indira said...

ooohhhh i love love love your comment about secret garden.
everyone should own a secret garden, dont you think?

you have to invite me to come and see yours, hmmmm?

yes Audrey is the most beautiful name because i adore Audrey Hepburn so much, obsessed with her, she's in my blood.
so i just think that the name Audrey is the beautifulest.

your name is Audrey and you have a secret garden, im a fan :D

audrey said...

Ahhh, little witch Mita....
I am glad you like my name and I am happy that you now follow me.
Audrey Hepburn was a classy lady who became a Goodwill Ambassador. I can see why you would like her. She has many fans. Audrey was much too young when she died - only 63. Of course, you would know all these things being such a big fan.
We are doing some major renovations to our back yard and that is where I will put my Secret Garden, Mita. I will only allow those I love and little witches to enter my garden. So, perhaps one day you will see it.
I agree. Everyone should have a Secret Garden.
♥ audrey

Ces said...

OMG No! I hope not Audrey. That is a drawing, actually my interpretation of the current state of the US. The original post is here:

Ces said...

Ah! You did not label these trees. What are they?