Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Matter of Fact

It's amazing how many people
will care about you
if only you would care
about them........And

It's even more remarkable
how many people
will care about you
~Merrit Malloy


Marlene said...

Another great photo, thanks for visiting me this morning.

Jan said...

I think you are talking about me:-) Have a wonderful day.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Ohhhhhh......dogwood! I love it. We have lost a lot of our netive trees here due to a blight brought in from the cheap garden centers. I wonder how the woods around here will fare.
This was mom's favorite Spring tree... :)
Take care! ♥♥♥


Gary Keimig said...

great spring photos. Here we will ahve to wait over a month yet for such. Was 13 this morning and snow showers yesterday. What one gets living at 7000 feet. Did see my first green grass yesterday though.

Susan said...

Hi Audrey! Now when I come to your blog lately, I seem to have my speakers on and I hear those beautiful nature sounds my shoulders just sigh, it is so relaxing! What a beautiful photo (dogwood right?) and quote - so true and what better way proven from these kind blog friends!

Thank you so much for the follow and hanging out with me, I am so happy to meet another great blog friend! Thanks also for your kind words of support, it means a lot.

Happy Sunday!

lakhsmita indira said...

beautiful post :))
oh, i must sleep now.

goodnite and kisses and hugs to Audrey.

lakhsmita indira said...

oh and i thank you for all your sweet sweet comments!!!!

kisses and hugs again...

Manon Doyle said...

Awe.... the pic is terrific! I just love Spring and watching everything come back to life!!

Ces said...

Of course! We care not because they care back because caring for them makes them happy and that makes us happy that they are happy. You know what I mean jellybean?

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Another lovely thought!

Ces said...

Ah you my dear, are good for my self esteem! Come back soon. HAHAHA!

Seriously, thank you. It's an old slide that I updated. I never made a catalog of my paintings before. I am a terrible organizer when it comes to my art, perhaps because I think of it as a leisure activity. Please may I remind you that I am sending you a matted acorn on an ATC card. I have not forgotten that.


audrey said...

Ako ay naghahanap ng inaabangan ang panahon na na ang bunga ng oak pagguhit. ay ako ay pinarangalan na ito, Ces.
♥ audrey