Friday, April 9, 2010

As Luck Would Have It

I've been blessed with luck this year when it comes to Giveaways! I woke this morning to yet another win.

My friend, Jan, of Laughing Dog Arts just started her blog in December of 2009. She said she would have a Giveaway when she reached 30 followers. She is well past that now and, true to her word, she did have a Giveaway. This morning, I was the happy, lucky, winner!

Be sure to make a visit to Jan's blog, Laughing Dog Arts, at

Jan is a fiber artist and she makes the most beautiful art ~ quilts, wall hangings, beading, and more. I have been getting to know Jan for a while now. Not only is she a really good creative soul, she is also a fun, really nice person who has a great blog. (And we share a little bit of a "hippy" heart.)

♥ audrey


Linda in New Mexico said...

Congrats on yet another win. I think you need to bottle that winning mojo and sell it to the rest of us. tee hee
((((hugs))) until next time
vert word....too good to pass up. mocco. Now you may not realize it but this is real close to the real spelling of the spanish word for booger. It is my grandson's favorite spanish word...LOL
So if you are really lucky you won't have to pick your friends mocco.

Anonymous said...

Jan is such a Sweetheart!! Congratulations!!
Have a Wonderful Day!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I'm thinking you need to bottle some of that luck to pass around too! :D
You should have a ball with the goodies.
SOMEDAY, I will actually buy alcohol inks to try!


Susan said...

Hi Audrey! I thought I'd pop by and introduce myself, I'm Susan and we seem to have a lot of friends in common. We both got the Renee award recently from Ces, and we both also know Amalia, Marlene, Mita and Pink, they're probably more too! I really should be working on my layouts for some new drawings right now, but I got started visiting 'cause I've been missing my friends after only less than a week of not blogging - am I addicted or what?!

Congrats on winning your friend's giveaway, it's so fun to win those I need to do one eventually! I love your blog - your photos are gorgeous and I also love the nature soundtrack too. That's another note to myself, my blog needs an overhaul!

So I just added myself here as a follower, when you get a chance, here's my link, stop by if you'd like. Have a great weekend....Susan

yoborobo said...

Oh, Audrey! You lucky duck. :) Jan is so sweet. I'm with Anne! Bottle that luck up and send some my way! Although I can't complain, I won Pattee's doll on her giveaway. :) Happy weekend, my friend!! xox Pam

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh YAY, congratulations! Looks like a lot of fun stuff here. Oooh, gets those creative juices flowin'!

Ces said...

So are you going to drink the alcohol inks! Drink it! drink it!

Hahahah! I have tried all of your storage suggestions. I only bought 16 because I saved by buying in bulk. You heard that strategy before...

Good morning!!!

Marlene said...

Congrats Audrey, I want you to let us know and how you like the alcohol inks, I have not tried them yet. A sample of your work with them would be nice too (hint-hint)

Ces said...

Hmph! A kiss and tell bug!

lakhsmita indira said...

you are not sleeping????!!!
im glad you are here with me in the secret garden ;)))

lakhsmita indira said...

and congrats Audrey!!!
are we really going to drink this alcohol inks????


lakhsmita indira said...

oh, i think i should give that poem too to my secret lover, what do you think?

audrey said...

It is too early for sleeping, Mita.
NOOOO ~ I will not be drinking the alcohol inks ~ I will be making art with it.
I would not give that poem to anyone unless you truly carry their heart in yours. ♥

Diana Evans said...

oh how wonderful Audrey!!! congratulations!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Ces said...

I hope you are asleep now.

HAHAHA! Audrey Oh no, I am sleeping. Maybe Milo won't be but I am. (I can't believe I am talking bout a stuffed toy like it was human.) This is so crazy.

audrey said...

Yes, I was sleeping.
HAHAHAHA This Milo business is part of that sanity/insanity thing we mentioned the other day, Ces. Any of us who have been treating Milo like he's human are all walking a FINE line. HAHAHAHAHAHA
Have a wonderful, fun, Sunday with Milo!
♥ audrey

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

congrats on the win! I love using alcohol inks! what a nice little treasure trove of goodies!