Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wind Damage

Yesterday's wind left reminders in our neighborhood. Just a few streets away the heavy winds brought this huge tree down along with several branches and some other smaller trees. I am so grateful our big tree in the back yard stayed strong. I would be so sad if we lost that tree.


yoborobo said...

Oh my gosh, Audrey! That was a huge tree. Thank God no one was hurt! These winds can leave now and not come back - they jangle my nerves. :) I'm glad your trees are okay. xox Pam

Marlene said...

Huge Tree, glad no one was hurt, did it miss the house? That is what I am always scared of around here when the wind blows hard, trees seem to fall into houses with almost every wind storm.

Anonymous said...

I hate seeing these beautiful soldiers downed by the weather. Thank goodness it didn't come down on the homes. So sad......

Linda in New Mexico said...

It is always such a fright to see something like this. This time of year is the start of the windy season here in NM. I am always on edge for fear something like this might happen within our neighborhood as well. Scarey stuff.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

It breaks my heart to see old growth trees ripped from their beloved ground.
Thankfully YOU were safe, and your trees too.
As much as I dislike Winter, I know Spring in Indiana always seems to bring things like this.
I hate wind......


Ces said...


THE TREES! Not the trees! Goodness! However, nice firewood. What happened? Is this from the ice storm? Was it windy too?

Audrey, thank you so much for your comment. I love it when I see you at my blog.

Actually I am not bored. I have been so busy at work. I am so stressed and stretched. We have major projects, code upgrades. On top of that I am the principal rule writer. Rules are like program modules that prevent adverse drug events and promote patient safety. I write them so that nurses and doctors don't have to remember everything about the patient, I remind them by giving them actual facts like laboratory results that are critical to the medications they order. In other words, "Are you sure you want to do this? It may harm the patient or Don't do it!"

Anyway, I am not bored, I am restless actually but I can't paint because I have been working all weekend at home. I am on call.

So I have bored you now.

The trees again. Is that an Oak? I love oak trees. I see yur plants below. I am going to look at them.

Jan said...

Oh that poor old tree. At least it was an act of nature, and not someone deciding it should come down. Hope it didn't do any damage. It was huge!