Saturday, February 20, 2010

Heavy Hearts

This candle is for Renee and her friends.
I took this candle from Pam's blog (yoborobo). I don't think she will mind. I've put it in this post to show my support for Renee and for her many dear friends in the blog world.
I read many comments today talking about Renee and how she is entering her final days. Pam posted a beautiful Scottish Blessing that she dedicated to Renee. From all the things I have read, I can see that Renee is a wonderful woman who put a lot of love out there for all of you and you all returned that love to her. I regret that I did not know her. I can see that I missed the opportunity to know someone very special.
Seeing that you all have heavy hearts right now, I simply want to let you know that I care, that I will keep Renee in my prayers, and to remind you that you will always have Renee in your hearts ~ it is obvious that she enriched your lives.
♥ audrey


yoborobo said...

Oh, Audrey, thank you. :) Renee has to be smiling at all the outpouring of love she is getting. She lit so many candles through her words, her love of her family, and her amazing courage. I hope her blog posts will be there for a long time, so more people can get to know her. Thank you, my friend - xoxoxox Pam

suziart said...

That is a beautiful tribute,Audrey. I will borrow the candle from you. Renee is truly a lovely lady and is in our thoughts and prayers.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Lovely Audrey......
There is this void in our circle....


Ces said...

Audrey my friend, thank you very much for your support. You are with us. Just as Bella said, no joy today, just love.


Jan said...

I don't know Renee but I am feeling a deep sadness for one who is obviously much loved. she must be a very special person.