Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Angel Oak Tree

This is the road that takes you back to the park where the Angel Oak Tree lives.

The day before I left Charleston this trip, my son and I drove to Johns Island to see The Angel Oak. The tree is owned by the city of Charleston and it is located on Johns Island ~ it is huge, it is ancient, and estimates of its age run as high as 1500+ years. The Angel Oak Tree is the focal point of a public park, standing 65 feet high, having a diameter of spread reaching 160 feet, a circumference of nearly 25 feet, and it covers 17,100 square feet of ground. Its limbs, the size of tree trunks themselves, are so large and heavy that some of them rest on the ground.
I felt small standing beneath its branches and I was in awe of its age, size and beauty. When in the Charleston area, the Angel Oak is something you should see. I'm glad we made the trip. I love trees and this one I will never forget. You can't really get the feel for it through my photos, but it will give you an idea ~ the tree truly is MAJESTIC!


Anonymous said...

I have heard of this tree... Amazing!!

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

What a wonderful set of photos! Love this tree!

Marlene said...

Wonderful photos, that is the most amazing tree I have ever seen.

Amanda said...

WOW! It's beautiful i can't wait to go and see it myself!!

Rick said...

well, I ain't splittin that one! ~rick

Jan said...

Awesome tree. Imagine all the things it has lived through. when I see big trees here in Oregon I think about how they were here before Christopher Columbus, long before Lewis and Clark came through. Thanks for sharing this one.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...


most astounding tree I've ever seen

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Audrey, somehow either this post did not show up in my dashboard or I missed it (either is possible) but OH!
I am so glad you took all the photos! It is an amazing tribute to why trees should not be cut, but allowed to grow and flourish.
I cannot imagine standing in the presence of this tree......humble. Small. Human and frail.
Absolutely exceptional!!!


yoborobo said...

That is an awesome tree. Can you imagine the events that unfolded under its branches over the centuries? If only trees could talk. :) In CA we had an old oak tree in the state park behind our house. It was called "Grandmother Oak." There was a hole in the trunk (lightning strike) and the kids used to crawl through it. I'd love to see this tree! :) xo Pam

Ces said...

I had to come here and see the Angel Oak Tree one of the things I need to do in person before I die. We are in SC twice a year and I told my husband we need to go to Johns Island. Anne from El Milagro Studio told me you had the angel tree up here. Blessed you!

(P.S.) My blog is private for now as I retrieve the images having been viewed several times over everyday for the past month by someone in Russia. I hope to go public again by tomorrow. Thank you for sharing the tree.

Ces said...

What a grand lady she is. I love Angel Oak!