Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No Snow in South Carolina

Hi Friends!!
Just a quick note to let you know I am still in South Carolina. I will probably head back to VA on Thursday if the weather allows me to. It has been cold and rainy here with more cold in the forecast. I've been busy working, but I managed to take a few great photos here and there. Once back home, I will post some of them. I took a little walk on the beach yesterday morning ~ (I'm in Charleston, SC ~ a visit to the beach is a MUST). I have been to the beach many, many times in my life and I NEVER saw a starfish. Well, yesterday, while walking the beach at Isle of Palms, I couldn't believe what I was seeing ~ hundreds of starfish. High tide had just ended and the entire wrack (the debris left just above the high tide line) was nothing but starfish and shells. It was wonderful. Fortunately, I had a plastic bag in my camera case, so I picked up many shells and many starfish. I will have some bleaching to do when I get back, but I am so pleased with my haul.
I will try to post soon after I return. I miss my daily blogging!
♥ audrey


Marlene said...

Sounds like you are having a nice time even if you are working. Love going to the beach and picking up shells etc. We don't see many starfish at our beach but we have lots of sand dollars.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh.... Sounds so nice!! No beach here....first we have snow!!
..and more snow...and more snow!!
Take Care & Enjoy!!

Jan said...

Are your starfish already dead? I'd hate for you to have a stinky mess on your hands, and hate to have some unnecessarily dead starfish. Of course, you wouldn't do that, they must be already dead, what was I thinking. Hope you can preserve and make good use of them.

yoborobo said...

Wow - the beach sounds so nice right now. :) It hasn't started snowing hard here...yet! LOL! Be safe and drive carefully! xox Pam

Linda in New Mexico said...

Isle of Palms is where we took the grands when we visited them while they lived in SC. It is so gorgeous. Of course our visit was in October so not quite as cool as now. We also found sand dollars and star fish. It is such a wonderland of tide pools and fun shells...wish we could go back sometime. Have a safe trip, have missed your dailies too.
Did ya stop to have Gullah cuisine while near Isle of Palms? Yummy.

audrey said...

I meant to say something in the post about the starfish being dead. I would never pick up anything that was alive and intentionally let it die. Unfortunately for the starfish, they were all dead and had started to dry. Bad of me to assume you would all know that about me.
♥ audrey

Rick said...

Audrey, sounds like you're doing the better thing. See you when you get back. ~rick