Monday, November 30, 2009

A Wonderful Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and was able to celebrate with loved ones.

We returned home last evening after having a great Thanksgiving visit at Casey's in South Carolina!!

What nice memories he made having his grandparents over to share the Thanksgiving meal. That's my mom standing next to Casey.
I took the full moon photo last night just after we crossed into Virginia. It looks more like the sun - it was so bright.
The next photo was taken from Virginia looking out at the famous North Carolina Pilot Mountain and the knob on top - referred to by most as Pilot's Knob. If you click on the photo, it will enlarge and you will get a better view of the knob.
This next photo is an evening shot of the North Carolina mountains.
This beautiful vining mandavilla was still blooming for Amanda.
I was quite happy how close this heron let me get to him to take this photo - I took one step too close, though, and he took flight in the next photo.
The pond across from Casey and Amanda's seems to be a resting spot for many Canadian Geese.
While taking pictures at the pond, I had to be very careful of the fire ant hills. The last photo shows one of the larger ones. Having sandles on....I would not have been happy had I stepped on one.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Beautiful, beautiful pics!!! Sounds like you had a lovely time, and obviously better weather than up here! (rain and cold, but not cold enough to snow----phooey!)
Love the birds.... :) ....and the shot of the moon!


Rikkij said...

Audrey- I was introduced to fire ants on my first visit to Houston. Sat against a rotted out timber holding up a guard rail. Shoot, that hurt. Glad your Holiday was good. Mine too. Nice pics. ~rick

Marlene said...

Audrey, glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The pictures are fabulous - Love the moon and sky photos.