Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mystery Solved ~ It's a MUSCOVY DUCK

With the help of comments from Anne and gallagherassoc, we now know the duck is a Muscovy Duck. Anne sent me an email with a link to information on these ducks, gallagherassoc added some information in his comment, and then I did a search on the internet.
With that in mind, here is a little information on the muscovy:

It is a species of wild duck, native to Central and South America, where it nests in the trees of the forest swamps. It is often kept as an ornamental bird for lakes and parks.
The wild muscovy duck is blackish, with large white wing patches. Both the drake (male) and the hen (female) have a nude black-and-red or all-red face; the drake also has pronounced caruncles at the base of the bill. The drake has a low breathy call, and the hen a quiet trilling coo. Muscovy ducks are popular in the orient as a food source.

Now we know what a muscovy duck is. If I ever see one again, I'll know it isn't a mutant duck. (:
Thank you, Anne and gallagherassoc.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey, anything that has "Quack" in it is right up my alley....... <:)

Anne.....who thinks they are really neat ducks!

Marlene said...

My mother in law used to have Muscovey ducks but they were not as handsome as that one.

Amanda said...

This guy was definitely different's in the eye of the beholder!! Remember how relaxed he was when you were taking's kind of neat that something so different accepts the camera so easily...great photos audrey!!