Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Visit With Dear Old Friends

I am looking forward to this evening. Terry and I will be going to Lynchburg to meet up with a couple who I was very close to many years ago. Time and distance had caused us to lose contact. I moved to Virginia and they moved to Michigan and then to Texas. They have many children and grandchildren and are very active in missionary work, so their time is filled with good things and many blessings.

We made contact a few months ago, through Facebook. Found out that they travel through this area of Virginia every summer. It turns out his brother lives in a city very close to us. Small world.

So, this evening, we are getting together for dinner. It will be wonderful to see them again and to exchange stories, look at pictures, and share what has transpired in our lives over those missing years. I'm excited. Now I must spend some time digging through photos to find the meaningful ones to take along tonight.

Have a blessed day!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Have a great time; it ought to be full of good stories, good food and laughter!!!! :)

audrey said...

Thanks, Anne. I am sure it will be a fun evening.

Amanda said...

Have fun!!