Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Beautiful Madonna Painting

I believe I mentioned that I purchased a painting back in May. I went to the Fifty-First Annual Sidewalk Art Show in downtown Roanoke. The streets were closed and lined with tents filled with ART. There were many, many wonderful paintings and I enjoyed my leisure walk about town looking at each of them.
With all that beautiful and interesting art outside, I walked into a gallery just to look around. And there, just waiting for me to purchase her, was this painting of the Madonna. It was on a piece of canvas that was spread out on a table with some other pieces of art. I HAD to have her ~ I couldn't help myself. The gallery assistant told me that she had been purchased in New York with some other pieces of art. I bought her on the spot and left her to be put on stretcher bars.
After I picked her up weeks later, she leaned against the wall waiting for me to frame her. As you know, framing is not inexpensive. To no avail, I looked for a suitable frame everywhere I could think of ~ not much out there in the 20"x24" size and nothing fit the bill. She deserved a beautiful frame. So, off to the gallery I went a couple of weeks ago. I wanted something simple, yet elegant, and something that I wouldn't have to sell my car to get the money to pay for the framing.
I picked her up this past week. Now I have to find the perfect spot to hang her. I will never regret the money I spent to purchase, stretch, and frame her. She will grace my walls and give a sense of peace to anyone who looks upon that beautiful face.
These photographs don't do her justice. She really is a beauty!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh I sooooooo want this!!!!!
She is so beautiful!!!!! That's what I wish I could do, and if I hadn't been a hardhead years ago and quit painting portraits, I guess I would be able to!
What is the halo area done with--gold leaf or paint or can you tell?
And yes, after going down the framing road many times, you can sell your HOUSE now for a decent frame....

Anonymous said...

I went back several times to look at her... You are right... She is a beauty. There is just something about the tone of her skin!! She is a beauty!!

Marlene said...

Audrey - she is absolutely gorgeous! You are very blessed to have been able to add her to your collection.

audrey said...

Yes, my friends, I am very happy and blessed to have her.
Anne, I really can't tell but I think the halo is paint, not gold leaf.

Wine and Words said...

That's exactly what art should be...strong connection, gut response. "had to have it". I wish the artist could know the happiness this piece has brought you and will continue to bring you!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I loved your continuation of the story and started to wonder if Mr. Decaf was my dad???? Several other comments, but no other participants. I'm disappointed, so maybe I will pick up where you left off...