Friday, August 7, 2009

My Day In Blacksburg

As promised, here are some pictures from my day in Blacksburg. It was a beautiful warm day and my body is still angry with me for walking 4 hours in the hot sun. I didn't see anything that I absolutely loved so my purchases were few. I bought a small 7" x 9" piece made out of vintage found objects glued onto an old cigar box - pretty neat - when I spotted the bird, I had to have it - made by a gal from Alabama. Also, I purchased a windchime made out of old metal items - made by a gentleman from Wytheville, VA. (Already hanging in the screened-in porch). I bought a few small Christmas gifts but can't mention them as the receivers read my Blog everyday.
When my legs started screaming at me, I got in the car and drove around Blacksburg for a while and took a few photos. It is a neat college town and so pretty. Virginia Tech is on a beautiful campus with lots of flowers and outstanding views all around. Even the buildings are beautiful - many of them made of large old stone. Of course, you can't mention VT without a picture of a Hokie Bird.
All in all, it was a good day.


DEB said...

Nice photos! I haven't ever been there, but my son is a jr. next year and is starting to look at colleges. We have tours of UVA and JMU lined up. At some point, VT will likely be on our list!

Amanda said...

VT is the best, glad you had a good time!! GO HOKIES ;) Love the photos!

Marlene said...

Great photos. The flowers are gorgeous, It looks like a beautiful place.