Thursday, September 25, 2014

Throwback Thursday

June, 1952 ~ Meyers Lake Amusement Park, Canton, Ohio
I was 4 years old when Mom took me to Meyers Lake for the day.  Bless her heart ~ she would save bread wrappers all year long and then use them to take me to Bread Wrapper Day free admission to the park.  We had to take the bus to downtown Canton and then transfer to another bus to get to the park. I still remember how the excitement would build in me as we got closer and closer.  And through all the fun of the day, dear Mom would stand in lines with me so I could get on the really cool rides.
Like many amusement parks, Meyers Lake closed one day and fell to ruins until someone cleaned it up and built a condo community around the lake.  The landscape has changed, but when I drive past that lake, I can still hear the amusement park music, the old lady laughing in the dark, the sound of the roller coaster high in the sky, and children screaming with delight.  I can still remember holding Mom's hand, looking at her and seeing the joy on her face because she made her little girl so very happy.
I loved that park.  The memories will stay with me always.  I've had a hard time typing this.  The tears are falling and I can't see the screen.  I miss my Mom.

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