Sunday, September 28, 2014

My Poor Right Hand

Put on my pretty paisley garden boots for a walk down in the woods next to the house this afternoon ~ Didn't want any ticks or snakes slithering across my feet.  Never made it to the woods.  As soon as I put my hand on our retaining wall in the backyard, I screeched with pain - hand/arm got attacked by a swarm of hornets.  Pain!!  Mr. Magic applied Benadryl to the stings and the pain has subsided.  Yesterday, I tripped through a doorway at the Habitat Store and the brick wall jumped out and sliced my arm right above the wrist.  Not going to show you that.  It is still pretty ugly.  I'm wondering if maybe I should tie my right hand to my side and not use it for the rest of the year.  Ever since my CT surgery, it has taken a beating!!


Linda H said...

OH poor you! Hope your hand is recovering and you are feeling better! Your hand is taking a beating! :(

Rhonda said...

Okay now I know why I just stay home, I sure hope you are feeling better.
Some days outside is just plain scary!