Friday, September 12, 2014

Sending wishes to Ohio to you, my dearest friend of 50+ years.  You've been my confidante, my secret-keeper, the one who has held the bucket for my tears to fill, the one who has made me snort from laughing too hard, the one who was ALWAYS there to do everything with, to share everything with, to fill my life with joy and love.  Thank you for filling my heart with each and every memory.  It is difficult to live 400 miles away after having always been just around the corner.  But, I know that with one call, one email, or one quick visit, the months and miles melt away, and it's like I never moved away. 
Jan., 1968 at BGSU


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Sue, and many more! Patty and Jim E.

Amanda said...

isn't it nice to have a friend that stands with you through life! Happy Birthday Sue!!