Friday, September 5, 2014

Oddfella's Cantina ~ Floyd, Virginia

 It was off to Floyd, Virginia, early this morning to hang our Living The Creative Life Art Show.  I hung the following 9 pieces in Oddfella's Cantina where they will hang through September and October.
8" x 8" Acrylics
 "Floral Pop"
8" x 10" Mixed Media
 "Remembering The Hostas"
9" x 12" Mixed Media
6" x 6" Acrylics
 "Beaded Tree"
8" x 8" Mixed Media
 "Sunshine Fire"
                         Mixed Media                        
"Heart of Mine"
6" x 6" Torn Paper
"Sweet Song"
8" x 10" Mixed Media
18" x 36" Mixed Media


Jan said...

Oh Audrey, your work looks fantastic! How wonderful that you have this opportunity to hang it in this show. I hope it gets plenty of viewing and positive comments. Wish I could come and see it in person.

Amanda said...

Man, your art is beautiful!! It will sell like wild"flowers"...a pun intended. Great Job!! xoxo A

DLPBR said...

Wow, Audrey, Didn't know you had a show to hang. I will do my best to get out there before everything sells !Where is this Cantina?
Best Wishes, Sue