Thursday, June 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Dear Patrick

Patrick and Mom

Today is Patrick's birthday.  It is our 3rd year without him.  He would have been 70 today and he would NOT have wanted to celebrate ~ he was not a fan of getting older.  I would have celebrated and I would have forced him to acknowledge the day.  We would have bantered back and forth and there would have been laughter.  When we talked, there was almost  always laughter involved. 
Such as it is, I choose to think about those happy birthdays and all the laughter.  Wow, we could really make each other laugh.
I miss you so much, Patrick.  There is a big hole in my life where you once fit.  But, life goes on and I know you would want me to be happy and to remember all the great times we shared.  I do remember ~ I always will.  I thank God for the time I had with you.  You were the BEST brother!!
Happy Birthday, Patrick!!! 70 is a very good number!


Corrine at said...

I know how much you miss him. My thoughts are with you. How is Mom doing? How are YOU doing? xox

JaneA said...

Shame. My heart goes out to you. My dad has been gone almost 6 years (I just wrote tears, which must be a freudian slip), and I miss him as much now as ever. Thanks so much for your lovely post.