Saturday, June 29, 2013

An Afternoon With John Bramblitt

 This painting of Marilyn Monroe is one of John Bramblitt's latest paintings.  He brought it to Virginia along with the three below to show examples of his work.

 Meet John Bramblitt.  He is an epileptic.  He is blind.  He is a painter and a writer.  He is a man filled with the joy of life and a passion for painting.  He travels the country telling his story and he paints daily.  John's story is an amazing one and I feel blessed to have spent some time with him.
 This is Echo, John's guide dog.  I wonder who loves who more.
 The group that showed up yesterday to meet John, listen to his story, and take part in a little painting workshop. 
 John explaining and demonstrating how he mixes paint and how he knows the colors.
 John Bramblitt ~ a new friend.  He is an inspiration and I intend to keep in touch.

John lives in Denton, Texas.  He is married and has one child.  John lost his sight after a series of severe epileptic seizures.  He picked up a paintbrush in 2001, and the rest is history.   You can Google John to find information about him and there are many videos on YouTube.  I purchased his book ~  Shouting in the Dark ~ and can't wait to read it.

Thank you, Jane, of Barefoot Studios, LLC, for your part in sharing John with the people of Roanoke  It was joyful to have him here and I think everyone would agree that he made the day an exceptional one.  


soulbrush said...

What an exceptional story. Saw this on facebook- had to come and read it.

Corrine at said...

wow, fantastic story and his work is amazing...thanks so much for sharing it and so glad you got to meet him...xox

Deborah said...

WHAT!?! Now I MUST google him and see how he paints blind. Not just paints, but BEAUTIFULLY paints. How lucky you were to meet him. Life changing encounter, yes?