Tuesday, June 25, 2013

God's Creatures

 Sometimes many weeks go by before I see any creatures.  The week before I went to Ohio was a week filled with pleasant surprises.  Not only did I see a few... they gave me enough time to take some decent photos of them.  I seldom can get close enough to get good shots of the deer.

 This little one was in a hurry to get somewhere.
 I do see groundhogs often but they scurry off into the high grass before I can even think about reaching for my camera.  I see this groundhog almost every time I go to visit Mom.  He lives on the hill going up to the Rehab/Care Center and he must be used to the traffic because he stayed still long enough for me to snap several photos and then he went on with his business.

 These beautiful finches live in a very pretty cage in the Rehab Center.  There are many more, but these two were the only ones feeling liking posing.
This little guy is my favorite creature in the whole world.  My sweet Jake!  I thank God every day for bringing Jake into my life.  We take him to see Mom once in a while on the weekend.  I'm not sure who is happier to see who.  Her face lights up when she spots him and he jumps on her lap and kisses her face over and over.  She asks about Jake every time I visit her.  Yesterday, out of the blue, she said "I love him".   

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Deborah said...

Oh Audrey, every single shot is FANTASTIC!!! What a good eye you have, and such control of your camera. I must say how impressed I am with your talent! I miss my camera...it sits on my desk. Just not as inspired as when I lived in my old home with the pond and gardens. But I am coming back. I LOVE that you take Jake to see your Mom.

Sending you all my love, my friend,