Saturday, July 16, 2011

Packing Is A Chore

Well, it is that dreaded day before the morning you leave to go back home. Time to stuff everything back into the suitcases and get them back into the car. Small dilemma! I have filled our vehicle with items I purchased for my consignment spaces. One look the other day and I knew I needed to do some serious arranging or there would be no suitcases returning with us. I went out Thursday morning ~ removed everything from the back of the SUV and stacked and sorted. I was successful ~ quite enough room for suitcases and such. Well, I've been driving around for two days now and everytime I came to a stop, something moved back there. Now everything has shifted and fallen and I am going to have to go back out tonight and redo the entire mess. That will teach me to try to fix things early ~ I should have waited!!

It has been an enjoyable week visiting friends and family. I will post photos and more as soon as time allows.


Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

You are too funny, being so organized and having everything sliding around in the car. Something I would do too! Hope everything makes it home in one piece. xox Corrine

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Just as long as you and the goodies get home in one piece!
(and yes, that's pretty much how I travel....I need a line of elephants and camels for all my stuff...)
Have a SAFE TRIP! ♥


Marlene said...

Oh Audrey, how many times have I packed and repacked, I know how you feel. Glad you had an enjoyable time and I am looking forward to seeing what treasure you got for your shop.

Jan said...

if things are sliding around, you must have room left so get busy and fill it up. For safety sake! Have fun!

Linda in New Mexico said...

I agree with Jan...sounds like you could stop and shop on the way home.... Glad you had a good visit. Linda

vert word inefor...sounds like your inefor some tricky packing.

yoborobo said...

Do what I do - strap it on top! :) I bet you got some great things, and you'll find a way to them in! Have a safe trip home! xox Pam