Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Animals in Ohio

This fabulous rhino is made out of old tires and is standing on a corner in downtown Canton, Ohio. I think he is a great piece of art and I love that the artist recycled materials to create him.

As I was looking through my photos tonight deciding what to post about my trip, I was surprised by how many animals (and birds) I had encountered in the past week. We stopped for a bite to eat on our trip back to VA and decided to eat outside to enjoy the beauty of the afternoon. This starling decided to join us. Looking at his head, I couldn't help but think of Donald Trump. Anyone else see what I mean?

This wonderful turtle, made out of some type of metal, is gracing the lawn in downtown Canton, Ohio.

As is this camel. How appropriate that he is sitting outside a restaurant called The Desert Inn.

These are only a few of the geese I found wandering everywhere in Monument Park in Canton. Each time I visit back home, I always drive through the park. I spent many days there growing up and I took Casey there to fish in the creek when he was just a little guy. I love this park and miss it a lot.

I also had to visit KSU while in Ohio. I have many wonderful memories of the years I lived in Kent while attending the University. On our way, we saw this cute little guy in a field. A pygmy goat, perhaps?

And a sweet little donkey.

I passed these beautiful horses on my way to Akron to visit the Donald Drumm Studio. I will post photos about that another day ~ one of my favorite places.

This camel just happened to be in Alliance, Ohio, while I was there visiting. It's not too often you see a camel just standing around in a parking lot. I had to go near and take photos, of course.

While staying with good friends, I couldn't help but notice a loud shrieking every day. I had to investigate as I knew it was some kind of bird. I found him ~ a hawk. He often perched in the tree directly across the street from their house. Maybe it's a she. I haven't a clue. I do know it was large and I was lucky it stayed in the tree long enough for me to capture this photo.

Our friends have been having trouble with creatures living under their screened-in porch. This cage did the trick and a baby opossum was captured. He was taken to the woods and set free.

The next day, Momma decided to check out the cage. Now Momma and baby are united in the woods and hopefully won't send any relatives to live under the porch.


yoborobo said...

Audrey - love your pics. That rhino is brilliant! And the possums are so cute, but I'm sure they can cause a ruckus under a porch. Looks like you had a lovely trip! Welcome home! xox Pam

Jan said...

Hi Audrey, glad you are home safe. You must be exhausted but have no time to sit for a day and recover from your vacation if you have to refresh your collectable space, garden, unpack, etc.

Who would have thought you could post 2 camels on your blog in one post? Ha ha. Great photos and I hope those possums did the right thing and didn't come back.

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Fantastic sculptures, thanks for giving us the tour. xox Corrine

Deborah said...

I love the rhino. Made me think of the junk horse I saw last year. You are so right about that little bird and Donald Trump!!! I totally see it!
**kisses** Deb

Sea Witch said...

Hello Audrey. Thanks for swimming over to my blog and leaving you sweet comment. It's always good to hear from blog friends. Love these photos of the animals created from recycled trash. Especially the rhino. It looks so real. Blessings to you and those you love. Sea witch