Monday, March 7, 2011

Color Wash Competition Finalists


The votes are in and these are the 3 finalists in the Michael DeMeng On-line Class Color Wash Competition. Beautiful colors! Great texture! The voting for the final winner is in process right now. I will post the winning color once Michael DeMeng announces the winner.
Our friend, Anne, of El Milagro Studio, is one of the finalists. Her color wash is Crypt Corrosion. Join me in wishing her luck! I know how bad she wants that Michael DeMeng original piece of art!
Good Luck, Anne!!!!


yoborobo said...

Who votes, Audrey? Crypt Corrosion is wonderful. Fingers crossed she will win! :) xox Pam

Marlene said...

Beautiful work by all three, My best wishes go to Ann.
PS: My house is finished and I am all moved back in. Pictures to hang is all that remains to be done.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Audrey, you ornery girl!!!
My husband is driving me NUTS asking about this.....I told him I was NOT--repeat N-O-T looking until it was over.
And I'm not.
Michael still needed to do THREE little prizes..... ;-)
I mean, we'd take his cast-offs and still smile and drool!!! Ah-hahahaha!

Anne...who pretty much FEEL like crypt corrosion today.....bleah....

audrey said...

*Pam, we have a Yahoo Group made up of the people in the class. Anyone in the class gets to cast one vote and we'll have the winner on Friday. The class ends on Friday. ): It was a wonderful experience and I will definitely take another class from Michael.

*Marlene, so happy to hear the house is done and you no longer have to deal with steps!!

*Anne, Moi? Ornery? Never! Not telling you anything here you didn't already know!! LOL. Only three more days!!!!
Cast-offs would be good - I would even settle for the droppings from his studio floor!!!

dosfishes said...

Yeah Anne!!!!! Love that turquoise on crypt corrosion....Win win win. HOw is Michael deciding.....?
thanks for sharing Audrey. xox Corrine